How to Choose an SEO Reseller Responsibly

When it comes to choosing an SEO reseller to promote your business online, there are a few key things you should take into account before making a final decision. Many people become a bit intimidated when the task of choosing an effective SEO reseller is before them, as online media in general is often seen as far more complicated and nebulous than it actually is. This could hardly be further from the truth, as the parallels between what to look for in a good SEO reseller and a good traditional advertising agency are remarkably similar.

First, look for an SEO reseller that complies fully with all private label or white label SEO standards. This jargon may seem intimidating, but these synonymous terms simply refer to honest and transparent companies that eschew spam, fraud, or deception in their dealings. Just as traditional advertising agencies must avoid making false claims and treading on the intellectual properties of others, any good SEO reseller should be able to do the same thing online. And it should be noted that just as hitching your company brand to the wagon of a lousy or unethical traditional advertising agency can permanently harm your reputation, so too can using a similarly slimy SEO reseller. Straying from white label or private label standards is frowned on by nearly every legitimate online outlet, and you can find your sites eliminated from all such forums and listings in a hurry if you or a shady Seo reseller decides to game the system.

Once you have verified the ethical reputation of any SEO reseller under consideration, start looking for evidence of their past successes. Just as you would always look for a traditional advertising agency that was known for excellent results, you should also look for an SEO reseller that is widely praised and highly successful before making any commitments.

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