Don’t Take Chances When Choosing an SEO Reseller

The pathway to big seo reseller income

Over 100 Billion global searches are conducted every month and 61% of consumers research products online, so it should be no surprise that Search Engine Optimization is a big part of business success. With today’s rapidly changing environment you need to have a dynamic team that is totally focused on the job. If you want to offer SEO services along with your other services as a web-based firm then you are probably looking for a quality outsourced SEO reseller. Here are four basic concepts that will make it easier to find the best SEO reseller for you.

1. White Hat

If you are looking to make a long term investment in your website and you expect a stable ability to consistently rank higher, you definitely want to outsource White Hat or Ethical SEO. These SEO resellers focus on relevancy of the site’s content as well as the site’s organic ranking in the search engine. Organic links consist of 70% of all traffic so focus here is crucial. Most importantly, a white hat SEO reseller is always comprehensive and always follows Google guidelines so there is never a chance that their work will result in banned web sites or short term, unsustainable success.

2. Analysis Software

To find the best seo reseller you also need to look at their software options. Comprehensive and transparent analysis software is a crucial element. This allows your clients to keep an eye on all the data that is being collected and analyzed by the SEO reseller. With such software, transparency will never be an issue because your clients will always have access to the latest statistical changes on their site.

3. White Label

If you are curious as to how to profit with an SEO reseller, White Labeling is one way. Also known as private label SEO, this option is important to consider while deciding which reseller to work with. With a White Label SEO reseller you are given the option to brand the SEO program as part of your own web tool package. This way, you retain more customers by offering to meet all of their needs in one place.

4. Customer Service

Always ensure that the SEO reseller
has a great reputation for customer service. After all, they will be supporting your clients and working with them on a regular basis to ensure that everything is moving ahead appropriately. If you are private labeling the SEO reseller it is key that you have open communication with the reseller when it comes to customer support. Make sure they have a service plan ready and that it will work for your clients.

Find the best SEO reseller by following these basic guidelines!

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